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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use

I. Terms of Use for I-User

1. Scope

1.1 Konotroniks GmbH ("I-User") provides on its I-User websites ( end users ("users") free of charge product and service information ("offers") from third-party companies ("partners"). available ("Service").

1.2 The terms of use under I. and III. apply to all users of the service.

2. Offers and contractual relationships

2.1 I-User only makes information of the partners available to the users with the offers. Incidentally, I-User and the partners operate their respective websites independently of each other.

2.2 I-User expressly dissociates itself from the Internet sites of the partners, to which links lead to I-User operated or hosted Internet sites. I-User has no influence on the design and content of the linked pages and their sub-pages.

2.3 I-User reserves the right to change, supplement or delete parts of the displayed offers or all offers without prior notice or to cease publication temporarily or permanently.

2.4 The offers shown by the partners are not offers by I-User and do not constitute an invitation to submit an offer for the binding conclusion of the contract. Thus, the use of the service between the user and I-User does not create any contractual relationship with regard to the offers. Contracts for the purchase of the products or services presented in the offers are concluded exclusively between the user and the partner. This also applies if an order can be generated directly from the service of I-User with a partner. In that regard, the general terms and conditions of each partner can be used.

2.5 If interested in an offer, the user will be redirected to the internet presence of the partner from whom the offer concerned originated. The user is obliged to check all information relevant to the conclusion of the contract and its relevance on the basis of the information provided by the respective partner before entering into a contract with the partner. This applies in particular to the information on the currently valid sales price.

3. Property rights

3.1 All data, information, search results and texts of the Internet pages operated by I-User enjoy copyright protection according to copyright law. Reproduction, distribution and editing in whole or in part are only permitted with the written permission of I-User. Any unauthorized copying, distribution, editing, making available to the public and / or public reproduction constitutes a copyright infringement and will be prosecuted.

3.2 I-User points out to the user that the company names, brands, logos and / or product names listed in the websites of the partners are also legally protected.

3.3 The offers of the partners displayed on are only for the information of the user and may only be used by the user for private purposes. The user is not entitled to download the offers to a computer and / or data medium. The repeated and systematic downloading of even minor parts of the offers by type and scope is equivalent to the downloading of a part of the offers that is substantial in terms of type and scope. The printing of the offers is only permitted for private purposes and only to the extent absolutely necessary. The offers may only be passed on to private persons for private purposes only to a limited extent. Any use of the offers for business purposes, in particular commercial use, is excluded.

4. Warranty

4.1 I-User endeavors to display content that is correct and legally correct.

4.2 I-User assumes no responsibility for the topicality, correctness, acceptability, completeness and quality of the offers shown.

4.3 Furthermore, I-User assumes no liability for the fact that the offers shown can actually be purchased from the partners concerned under the conditions specified.

4.4 I-User endeavors to render its service technically error-free and fault-free, but reserves the right to use a freely determinable period of time to remedy technical problems.

4.5 I-User assumes no responsibility for the functionality and compatibility of the websites of the partners and of systems, programs, etc., which are not part of the website and on which I-User has no influence.

5. Timeliness of prices

5.1 I-User endeavors to ensure that the displayed prices are as up-to-date as possible and updates the price details several times a day. However, since the last time the records were updated to, the prices charged by the partners for their products may have changed on the partner's website. Decisive for the sale is therefore the actual price of the product, which is displayed at the time of the intended purchase on the internet presence of the partner.

5.2 For technical reasons, it is not possible to update the prices in real time. In exceptional cases, therefore, it may happen that the displayed products can not be purchased at the price indicated on or that they are no longer available in full or in a specific variant (size, color, etc.).

6. Our search

With our search function thousands of product offers can be found from a variety of online shops.

The search result may therefore contain hits in which your search term is contained in the product name, description, description, properties and / or category. Your search result may also contain hits in which your search term is just part of another word (example search term "TOM" - search result "TOMATE"). Multi-word searches may result in results where the terms in the offer appear incoherent.

For a more comfortable search, we have also set up an auto-complete function. While you're typing, you'll see suggestions for your search terms that will help you quickly identify whether or which brands, products, categories are offered by us or which brands, products, or categories of search are as close as possible.

If you have any questions about our product search, suggestions for improvement or want to point out errors or infringements, we look forward to a message to

II. Terms of Use for the I-User Community

1. Scope, Services

1.1 I-User allows users ("members") registered on the I-User websites to additionally and free of charge participate in the I-User Community ("Community") in addition to the service described in section I.

1.2 Members have access to various interactive features ("Services") in the community.

1.2.1 Members of the community receive among other things the possibility to create their own user profile ("profile") and to upload content (eg photos, texts, etc.), to store their own data (eg clothing size, favorite shops, etc.), alone or create lists of favorite items with others, select products, make comments, recommendations and ratings on products, brands, shops, categories and other members, view profiles of other members, follow other members ("Subscribe ") To contact other members and submit personal information for a personalized search in order to receive personalized search results - also by e-mail.

1.2.2 Members of the community can use friends lists, e.g. from Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms, i. automatically load and match with members of the community.

1.2.3 I-User may propose members, new members and / or trendsetters, articles, brands, categories and / or shops by email or in profile to members based on their usage behavior, in particular the subscribed community members and the products they have received.

1.3 The terms of use under paragraphs II. And III. apply to all members of the community.

2. Eligibility and registration

2.1 Eligible to participate in the community are only persons who have reached the age of 18 or act with the consent of their legal representatives. I-User reserves the right to request proof of the consent of the legal representative.

2.2 The registrant must provide his or her first and last name, e-mail address, user name, password and gender as part of the registration process.

2.3 The applicant undertakes not to make false statements about himself or, in particular, to register under a false identity. Changes to the data required during the registration will be communicated to the Member I-User without delay.

2.4 Registration in the community can be carried out with an existing email address or an existing Facebook account. In the first case, the user chooses a password for the community, in the second case, the password for the Facebook account automatically applies as a password for the community. In any case, the member is required to keep his password secret. I-User will not pass on the password to third parties and will not ask the members for the password.

2.5 The authentication of Internet users is possible only with disproportionate effort. Therefore, I-User does not warrant that any member registered in the community will actually be the same as the name owner.

3. Duties of the member

3.1 The member is responsible for all photos, texts, comments, videos, audio files, collages and other materials that it posts in the community, even if these contents are included as "embedded content", for content to which the member links, as well as for Content that the Member sends via the Community or otherwise makes available to third parties (collectively, "Content").

3.2 The member is prohibited to include in its contents swear words, insults, threats, obscenities, false allegations of facts, degrading, slander, libel, abusive criticism, sexist, pornographic, racist, right-wing extremist, violent, extremist, other unlawful, political, advertising utterances, Formulations to take pictures.

3.3 The member is prohibited to set content, to link to such and / or to send such, as far as the contents rights of third parties (eg patents, trademarks, copyrights, personal rights, naming rights, etc.) violate and / or hiring or sending against applicable law, eg. As competition law, violated.

3.4 The member is prohibited from including names, postal addresses, email addresses, vehicle signs or other personal data of third parties, which allow conclusions to be drawn on the identity of the third party, unless the third party has expressly consented thereto.

3.5 The member is prohibited to set content, to link to and / or to send those that were generated by machine, or chain e-mails, viruses, worms, Trojans, etc. or other community or its members endangering software or introduce elements into the community. In this regard, I-User reserves the right to delete any mass mailings of a member in order to guarantee the other members a reasonable quality in the use of the community.

3.6 The member is prohibited from accepting or promising benefits from third parties for a positive rating.

3.7 The member undertakes not to use the community for professional or commercial purposes or other non-private purposes.

3.8 The Member agrees not to use any tools, algorithms or other automatic features to generate page views or content.

3.9 The member ensures that his access to the community is used exclusively by himself and access by third parties is excluded.

3.10 Contractual partners of I-User are not entitled to evaluate their own offers or have them evaluated by third parties.

4. Granting of rights

4.1 The member acknowledges the services of the community according to clause II.1.2, fully agrees with them or grants I-User the right to use the services with regard to his profile for the duration of the membership. allow other members to provide services related to their profile.

4.2 The Member agrees that I-User in the context of the content of the member placed in the community advertising and that from the set content of the member miniaturized images (so-called thumbnails) are created, which can be found on search engines and displayed.

4.3 The Member grants I-User the content as defined in Section 3.1, the unlimited, non-exclusive, but transferable rights of use for the comprehensive evaluation of the content in the context and for the purposes of the community.

4.3.1 The granting of rights pursuant to Number 4.3 includes, in particular, the rights of I-User to store, archive, reproduce, distribute, transmit, make publicly available, broadcast and publicly reproduce the Content, regardless of the mode of transmission / transmission (in particular via Internet, mobile digital services, telecommunications platforms and services, etc.), for reception by any receiving device.

4.3.2 The granting of rights pursuant to Number 4.3 also includes the right of I-User, contents of members posted in the community, wholly or partly from the community, to the appearances of I-users in social media platforms and other intercommunicative and / or user-driven online content. Services such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to export / link, or set there (also by embedding) and make it accessible to third parties, even in the form that third parties then disseminate this content on the platforms and services described above.

4.4 If there is no copyright notice on the individual work (eg Photo), this represents a waiver of the member towards I-User and the other community users within the scope of his right to determine according to § 13 UrhG to the naming of his name as the author.

4.5 Each member of the community is free to delete content posted by the community.

4.6 The Member shall ensure and warrant that its contents do not infringe rights of third parties (e.g., patents, trademarks, copyrights, personal rights, naming rights, etc.) or violate applicable law (such as child protection, competition law, etc.).

4.7 With respect to the granting of rights according to Numbers 4.1 to 4.4, the guarantee pursuant to Number 4.6 as well as the obligations of the member according to Number 3, the Member exempts I-User from claims of third parties, including the reasonable costs of legal defense.

5. Responsibility for content

5.1 The service provided by I-User with the community is free of charge.

5.2 I-User expressly points out that the content posted and sent by the members is purely subjective facts, expressions of opinion and evaluations of the respective members, for which the members are responsible, not the content of I-User ,

5.3 I-User does not endorse the contents of the members, does not carry out a preliminary check and assumes no responsibility for the content accuracy and / or legal safety of the contents.

5.4 If I-User gains knowledge of illegal and / or content that violates these Terms of Use, I-User is entitled to delete this content immediately.

6. Violations, exclusions and leaving the community

6.1 Does the Member fail to comply with these Terms of Use, in particular with respect to paragraphs II.2., II.3. and II.4., I-User shall be entitled, without prejudice to any other claims, to temporarily or permanently exclude the Member from the Community, depending on the seriousness of the violation, and to block and / or delete its profile and content.

6.2 If a member is of the opinion that individual contents infringe rights of third parties, violate applicable law or these terms of use, I-User asks for an appropriate message under exact name of the content complained of by email to: info @ I-User. io.

6.3 If a member deletes his profile and withdraws it from the community, I-User will immediately delete the profile and the content posted by the member. This does not apply to content that was sent by I-User or the member during its membership through the community, exported or otherwise transmitted to other social media platforms or third parties.

7. Consent to Receive Newsletters and User of the Week Appearance

7.1 The Member expressly agrees to receive I-User newsletters on I-User's affiliate articles through its profile and / or email address provided by it.

7.2 The member expressly agrees to receive personalized newsletters from I-User on the basis of the articles he has sent, the subscribed members and / or the information and content in his profile via his profile and / or the email address provided by him. This consent implies that the member in the newsletter will be referred to as "user of the week" with his profile photo, aspects of his activities in the community such as: the number of articles offered, a selection of the articles presented, etc. can be presented.

7.3 The Member expressly agrees to be included in the community as "user of the week" with its profile photo, aspects of its activities in the community, such as: the number of articles offered, a selection of the articles presented, etc. to be presented.

7.4 The Member expressly agrees that editorial contributions from the community describing fashion trends or current articles may link to their profile stating their username, in particular if the member has endorsed the respective articles.

III. General provisions

1. Liability

1.1 I-User does not warrant that the Service and the Community will be uninterrupted and / or accessible.

1.2 I-User is not liable for technical transmission delays, interruptions, errors, failures of the service or the community and the resulting consequences for the user or member such. Data loss, as far as the causes are not within the control of I-User.

1.3 I-User is not liable for the unauthorized knowledge of personal data of users or members by third parties, such as. by hackers.

1.4 I-User assumes no responsibility for the content, accuracy, legality and functionality of third party websites referred to within the Service and / or the Community.

1.5 Furthermore, I-User is fully liable for intentional or grossly negligent conduct.

1.6 I-User is liable for simple negligence - except in the event of injury to life, limb or health - only if material contractual obligations (cardinal obligations) are violated. Cardinal obligations are obligations that the user relationship has to grant according to its meaning and purpose or whose fulfillment makes the proper implementation of the usage relationship possible in the first place and on whose compliance the user may regularly rely. The liability of I-User is limited in this case to the contract-typical and foreseeable damage.

1.7 Liability for indirect and unpredictable damages as well as loss of profit is excluded in the case of ordinary negligence - except in the case of the unlimited liability conditions according to III.1.6.

1.8 Any further liability than provided for in these terms and conditions is excluded, regardless of the legal nature of the claim asserted.

1.9 The limitations or exclusions of liability according to Numbers III.1.6, 1.7 and 1.8 do not apply to a legally prescribed no-fault liability of I-User or liability arising from a contractually assumed no-fault guarantee.

1.10 Insofar as the liability of I-User is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of its employees, employees, organs, representatives and vicarious agents.

2. Final provisions

2.1 These Terms of Use and the legal relationships between I-User and the User are subject to German law, excluding the UN Sales Convention.

2.2 Should individual clauses of these terms of use be or become ineffective, this will not affect the validity of the remaining clauses. In this case, the parties will replace the ineffective clause by an effective clause that comes as close as possible to the invalid clause in legal, economic and factual terms.

2.3 The exclusive place of jurisdiction is - as far as legally permissible - Munich, Germany.

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