Sedentary work significantly reduces life expectancy. Sitting at a computer for 8 hours daily by 15% increases the risk of premature death, and 11 hours a day spent sitting, increase this figure to 40.

The results of recent research are disappointing: according to the World Health Organization, every year a sedentary lifestyle kills 5 million people worldwide; more than smoking - 4.9 million die from tobacco. It turns out that sitting is more dangerous than smoking.

Сидячая работа значительно сокращает продолжительность жизни. Сидение за компьютером по 8 часов ежедневно на 15% повышает риск преждевременной смерти, а 11 часов в день, проведенные сидя, увеличивают эту цифру до 40.

Pain in the spine, weakening of the muscle corset, heart disease, bowel cancer - these are just some of the consequences that sedentary work can lead to. In addition, according to cardiologist François Carré, president of the Committee on the Impact of a Sedentary Lifestyle **, inactivity leads to “pollution” of the body, as it activates oxidative processes in cells. This sets the stage for many diseases, including cancer.

What to do? Even daily sports are not enough if after them we do not move for long hours. However, there are many simple ways to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and its devastating consequences, even if we work in an office in front of a computer. Here are some of them:

  • Instead of sending a colleague a message in the mail, go to him and talk in person.
  • Place a cup of water on the desktop so that it is constantly in your field of vision. Then you will drink now and then - whether you want it or not. Water improves metabolic processes in the body, reduces appetite, and also helps to walk more often ... to the toilet. Agree, for a start it’s already not bad.
  • Even if there is a lot of work, do not eat in front of the computer - go out for lunch with colleagues for at least 15 minutes. After lunch, walk along the street for 5-10 minutes.
  • Move the chair from time to time and work while standing with your hands on the table. The change of position will allow you to stretch your stiff muscles and improve blood circulation throughout the body.
  • Set yourself a reminder on your phone that it’s time to stretch yourself, for example, taking a walk along the corridor and making a few rotations with your hands and head. Let the device remind you of this every hour.