90% of megalopolises feel back pain, especially those who are forced to work sitting every day. Therefore, from the pain of office workers - from a sedentary lifestyle or from psychological problems?

The team of the "PRO Health with Irina Koval" program on the Espresso TV channel found out this from a neurosurgeon and psychologist.

Yuri Simonenko, neurosurgeon of the International Center for Neurosurgery

What does back pain indicate?

There are two large varieties of back pain. More severe pain may be a sign of another disease, for example, back pain can occur in a person with kidney stones, there may be back pain with diseases of the genitourinary system, diseases of the stomach, intestinal tract.

The back can also hurt with spinal tumors, spinal cord tumors, with very many factors. And also back pain can indicate a mechanical overload of the spine. That is why it is important to consult a specialist in order to determine what exactly is the cause of back pain.

It is office workers who suffer from back pain mainly because they sit all the time. They sit at home, at work, in the car and lie only when they sleep. That is why their back is constantly hurting.

Sitting in itself is a big load on the lower back, because a person who is standing has a load on the lumbar spine half as much.

How to work while sitting so that your back does not hurt?

Everything is very simple. The very first rule is to make it sit less. If you still have to sit, then you should do it the way the kids used to teach at school, you need to sit straight, arching your back and straightening your shoulders. The worst posture for stress on the spine is that of a hunched, hunched man.

If a person can not keep himself in a position on a stool exactly, then he needs to put something under the lumbar spine.

In fact, I doubt very much that there are exercises that can help in the workplace . Why? Because a person in the workplace should work, not engage in exercises.

Physiotherapy and exercises really help to cope with back pain, but these should be systematic, longer exercises than 5 minutes near the computer desk. Therefore, it is necessary to interrupt the continuous sitting just walks, if possible.

And exercise in specially designated rooms for this. There are many opinions as to which exercises are better and which are worse. There is no consensus on this.

The general idea is that if people work in the office and lead a sedentary lifestyle, in general, those who start doing swimming, or running, or any other exercises benefit.

Oksana Korolovich, psychotherapist

Are there really any psychological causes of back pain?

To begin with, the psychological state of a person as a whole affects our body. Finally, people begin to realize that our body is the smallest, which is always affected by the lack of dialogue between our thoughts and feelings.

That is, if the spirit with the soul can not decide on the problem, then on the body it is reflected in the form of a disease. Any.

But the spine is nothing more than the main core along which our life force moves and flows. And our well-being depends on how a person manages his life, how he knows how to keep a balance, how a person gives and takes.

If a person only takes it all the time, grabs everything and cannot breathe out calmly, then he is in the process of slow internal destruction. The body does not cope. First, it begins to overload in the shoulder area.

Then the person begins to go to the masseurs and rehabilitologists. They perform only an auxiliary role, support the muscle mass of the whole body, but this is only part of the help. And if the specialist will still work with the thoughts of a person, then the pain will disappear completely.

How to treat a sick back from the point of view of a therapist?

When a person complains of back pain, you actually need to look higher. The burden lies on my shoulders - I have to! And when we see a bent person who has osteochondrosis, we can say that he walks with the thought that he owes the whole world.

But in fact, not to the whole world, but to the inner self, that scenario, which is inside. After all, I want to be the right, cool, perfect mom, a good specialist - well, everyone. The back does not stand up.

Life force has a certain resource part. In this case, we must give support to our body and feelings. And this is possible only through self-love.